digital electronic intelligent dimmable ballast for grow light systems

Product Features

*Next-generation smart digital control the light source ignition technology, the ignition distance up to 20 meters.

*Using high-performance special lighting CPU control technology, Intelligent detection light source working condition, adjust the best luminous flux and electricity consumption in real time.

*Next-generation smart digital ignition energy control technology, it can prevent the damage of the light source and filament became black furthest, and extended the lamp working life.

*Next-generation smart digital lamp startup control technology, high-precision digital control lamp startup current, it can control the light attenuation and working life of the lamp furthest.

*Smart digital lamp protection technology, High stability of lamp current control, Dynamic lamp power control, Smart lamp auto-adapt light attenuation control, the lamp working life up to 5 years.

*High reliability digital driver circuit. Smart, high sensitivity anti-thunder, open circuit, short circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature protection technology, the ballast working life up to 5 years.

*Efficiency: > 91% , High performance APFC circuit, Power factor up to 0.99, THD<6%, Efficient green energy conservation and environmental protection.

*Using the most sophisticated R&D and production process, with high outdoor quality standards.

*Working light source: Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Quartz Metal Halide (QMH).

*Multi-voltage input (120V / 208V / 240V).

*With 0-10V standard interface input, convenient access control systems to control,

Product Advantages

Integrated lighting

Wide Input Voltage range 100-265vAC / 50-60Hz
Active PFC 0.99 (Max) High efficiency,Low THD

High efficiency,Low THD

Run properly ended 1000W bulb at 400W,600W,1000W,1040W

Intelligent Self Diagnostic System
Soft start and Staggered ignition eliminates circuit
inrush and protects lamp
Multiple Protection OVP,UVP,OTP,SCP,OCP
3 Year Warranty

Electronic Specification

Input Voltage Range100-265VAC
Input Frequency47-63HZ
Power Factor0.99(Max),>0.95 100-265VAC input,40%~100% Load
Input Current8.8A at 120VAC,4.4A at 240VAC
Inrush Current60A at 240 VAC,25℃ cold start
Leakage Current0.5mA Max at 100-265Vac/50/60Hz input
Max Output Power1040W
Output Frequency>100K Hz
THD<10%, 240VAC, 50HZ input, 100% load

<10%, 120VAC, 60HZ input, 100% load

Operating Temperature0℃~+30℃