Dimmable 1000W Dimmable HPS Grow Light Electronic Ballast

Dimmable 1000 Watt HPS Grow Light Electronic Ballast

1. What is the difference between Raynen's ballast with others in the market?

Our ballast components all imported from the world famous brand:

1.1 Capacitor,we are using Sam Young,who is doing OEM for NCC (Nippon Chemi-Con);

1.2 Transistor,we are using Infenion or Fairchild according to different power needs;

1.3 Diode,brand of ST (SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics)


FanWithout Fan
Main Input Voltage120V/240V
Input Voltage90V~260V
Input Power1070W
Output Power1000W
Input Current9.01A/4.34A
Lamp TypeDouble-ended&Single-ended High Pressure Sodium /Metal Halide
Input Frequency50Hz~60Hz
Ignition Voltage≥3.5kV
Power Factor≥0.98
Output THD≤15%
Environment Temp.–20°C~50°C
Distance from Lamp15m
Dimming Range600W/750W/1000W/Helius Boost
Saving Energy   20%~30%
Designed life for ballast   6 Years
Factory Warranty   3 Years
ProtectionFull circuit protection for Hot Start, Short Circuit ,

Opening Circuit, Ignition Failure, Over/Low Voltage, Overflow Current.

Dimension (L*W*H) mm480*320*265
Net Weight5.5KG


1 Wide range current &voltage, accepts 120V or 240V.
2 Special Ignition Control Technology
3 Full circuit protection
4 Soft start technology
5 Re-Strike of hot lamps