HID Hydroponic Plant Growth Electronic Ballast 1000W

HID Hydroponic Plant Growth Electronic Ballast 1000W

1. Why choose Raynen Technologies?

As a company having had less than 0.5% in return out of the 500 000pcs we sold thus far,We have spend what more than others are willing to spend in the talent (U.S engineers, designers), QC team,and automatic machines.


FanWithout Fan
Main Input Voltage240V
Input Voltage165V~264V
Input Power1070W
Output Power1000W
Input Current4.46A
Lamp Type

Double-ended&Single-ended High Pressure Sodium /Metal Halide

Input Frequency50Hz~60Hz
Ignition Voltage≥3.5kV
Power Factor≥0.98
Output THD≤15%
Environment Temp.–10°C~50°C
Distance from Lamp15m
Dimming Range600W/750W/1000W/Helius Boost
Saving Energy   20%~30%
Designed life for ballast   6 Years
Factory Warranty   3 Years
ProtectionFull circuit protection for Hot Start, Short Circuit ,

Opening Circuit, Ignition Failure, Over/Low Voltage, Overflow Current.

Dimension (L*W*H) mm485*302*250
Net Weight5.4KG

3. Features

3.1 Multi-wattage capability allows customer to select different wattage by adjusting power setting.
3.2 Special Ignition Control Technology
3.3 Full circuit protection
3.4 Soft start technology
3.5 Re-Strike of hot lamps

4.Quality Control

100% Professional Aging testing for high quality

For all ballasts, Raynen do the aging testing twice. The first time is before pouring resin, it will be 12hrs. After resin,again we do the second aging testing for 12 hours too. During the aging test, every half hour our workers make ON/OFF testing 10 times to check the surge of the ballasts.