Hydroponic 1000W 0-10V dimmable grow light ballst kit 1000W 600W HPS digital ballast with double ended reflector grow light


Integrated Lighting
Wide Input Voltage range 100-265VAC / 50-60Hz
Active PFC 0.99 (Max)
High efficiency,Low THD
Intelligent Self Dignostic System
Strike both metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs
Run proprely ended 1000W bulbs at 400W,600W,1000W,1040W
Intelligent Self Diagnostic System
Soft start and Staggered ignition eliminates circuit inrush and protects lamp
Multiple Protection OVP,UVP,OTP,SCP,OCP
Timming controlling,Remote control,Working status display
FCC compliance
2 Years Warranty

Model specifications

Output power
/Full load
Power Factor (full load )
LAA1000-120/240HRP100A100-265V180-300V1000W96% Max0.990.98

Electrical specifications

Input voltage range  277-300Vac
  Input frequency  47-63Hz
  Power factor  0.99(Max),>0.95 277-300Vac input,40%~100% load
  Input current  3.5A at 277VAC
  Inrush current  60A at 277VAC, 25℃ cold start
  Leakage current  0.5mA Max at 277Vac / 50/60Hz input
  Maximum output power  1040W
  Output frequency  >100KHz
  Bulb failure detection  Yes
  Start up time  3-10 seconds
  Protections  Open circuit protection,Short circuit protection,Over voltage       protection,Under voltage protection,Over temperature protection
  THD  <10%,277Vac,50/60Hz input,100% load

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Model Number: LAA1000-120-240H-277V
Style: Electronic
Usage: High Intensity Discharge
Matched Tube: Other
Power Factor Compensation: Active
Certificate: ETL
Protections: OVP, UVP, OTP, SCP, OCP
Input Voltage: 100-265Vac 277V
Outout voltage: 100-300Vac
Efficiency: 94%Max
warranty year:2 years