hydroponics grow kit 1000w CMH ballast HID grow light

Hydroponics grow kit 1000w CMH ballast HID grow light

1000W Double Ended Grow Light Kit
1x 1000W CMH Dimmable ballast (Model:EB-GCMH-1000D)
1x Double Ended Grow Light Reflector (Model:RF-K630-W)
1x 1000W CMH Bulb (Model:DE-1000W/934)
1x IR remote control (Model:EB-IRC)
1x Heavy Duty Hanger (Model:EB-H150)

Size:452x239*123 mm.
Mounting plate: 1.5mm Galvanized sheet with white powder coating. Four pieces pebble aluminum reflector. 15FT power cord #16AWG/3C STW 600V , With 3Pin Plug. K12x30s lamp holder,3KV. Suitable for double ended 600/630/1000 watt horticulture lamps. Packaging Weight: 12.5 Kg

1000w digital ballast feature

Low Frequency,Square wave,Soft start technology,CMH Ballast.
Operating Frequency: 140-160Hz (Low Frequency)
With short-circuit/circuit overheat/ lamp-failure protection,etc,
Multi-aspect protection circuitry. Internal RF shielding.
Match well with CMH 1000W lamp.
Support Lamp Type: Ceramic metal halide(CMH),MH/QMH,HPS.
Patented output control maintains maximum PAR value over lamp life.
It can ignite CMH lamp up to 66 feet/20 meters away.
Power Factor(PF):>0.99, Efficiency:>91% , Crest Factor(CF):<1.5
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD):<6%
Multi-voltage Input: AC 120V / 208V / 240V, 50/60HZ
Fire uo your bulb 630w,600w,860W,1000W( Voltage will be 120v-240)
Output voltage: AC 200 - 240V (power supply to the bulb)
Temperature: Ta=40℃ , Tc=70℃ . Packaging Weight: 3.4 Kg
Power Outputs: Dimmable ( with LED display )
0W(Off),600W,630W,860W,1000W ( Support IR remote control ); or 600-1000W ( with 0-10V dimmer)

We have advantage different with other factory's ballast

Low frequency (140-160Hz), Square wave, Internal RF shielding
Save more than 100 kilowatt energy per hour compare with HPS or MH, Save 25% Cost.
Ignition distance up to 20M.
With UL/CB/FCC/CE/SAA certificate (UL NO.:E485515).
Power Factor(PF)>0.99
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)<6%
Crest Factor(CF)<1.5
Warranty 3 Years
Soft start technology, With short-circuit/circuit overheat/ lamp-failure protection, Protect lamp lift to 5 years lifespan.

Type: 1000W Double Ended Ceramic Lamp

Wattage: 1000W Lamp Operating Voltage: 200V Packaging Weight: 1.0 Kg
Color Temp.: 3400K
Flux: Φ=133000 lm
CRI: ≥87
Lamp Type Bulb (recommend)
CMH 1000W,860W, 630W
MH/QMH 1000W, 600W
HPS 1000W, 600W


Rated Wattage 1000
Voltage : AC 120V / 208V / 240V
Base Type: Double-Ended
Bulb Orientation: Double Ended
Ballast Type: Electronic
Frequency : 50/60HZ
Set up: Easy to set up, hang on, and use