1000w digital dimmable ballast for hps mh electronic bulb grow lights system kits

Product Description

Hydroponics grow kit de 1000 watt cmh grow lights with de reflector cmh bulb

UL Certification No.is : E48551
Modeo NO.: EB-GCMH-1000D
Matched Lamps: CMH 860W 630W;MH/QMH 1000W 600W;HPS 1000W 600W

Product features

- Patent: Smart digital control light source auto-adapt light decay technology
- Low Frequency, operating frequency 140~160Hz
- Square wave,Soft start, RF shielding.
- With short-circuit/circuit overheat/ lamp-failure protection,etc. will extend you lamp's working life
- More close to the sunlight,energy saving more than 25%
- THD<6%, efficiency>91%. Power Factor(PF):>0.99
- Ignition distance: up to 20M (66 feet).
- With UL/CB Certificate
-Working light source:Ceramic Metal Halide(CMH),High Pressure Sodium(HPS),Quartz Metal Halide(QMH)
-Multi-voltage input(120V/208V/240V)
-3 years warranty

Product TypeEB-GCMH-1000D
AC input voltage120VAC(≤630W)/208VAC/240VAC,50/60HZ
AC inrush current(Max)Cold start,80A/230VAC
Rated Power1000W
Line Current5.58A@120VAC,5.04A@208VAC,4.37A@240VAC
Light Decay Control attenuation<5%/20000h
Operating Frequency140~160HZ
Trigger voltage6KV(MAX)
Ballast power dissipation65W
Scalable communication interface0~10V,Infrared remote control interface

The different between low frequency cmh ballast and high frequency hps ballast

SpecificationLow Frequency CMH BallastOther High Frequency CMH Ballast
Operating Frequency 140-160Hz  (Low Frequency)140-220KHz (High Frequency)
Iutput  voltage AC 120V/208V/240V, 50/60HZ AC 240V, 50/60HZ
Power Factor(PF)>0.99>0.95
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)<6%<15%
Crest Factor(CF)<1.5<1.7
Internal RF shieldingyesNo

Full Spectrum, most close to sunlight
Ceramic metal halide lights provide plants with a wide lighting spectrum,
Fuller spectrum of light that increases the growth,overall health and yield of your plant

Our CMH is more energy efficiency
CMH lights use fewer watts and produce less heat than other types of lighting. Compar ed with other grow light, Your air conditioner won't have to run as often, and you'll see savings on your power bill.

CMH ballast compare with HPS/MH/LED:
1. Energy Effiencient & High Yield:
There is no doube that the most important attribute of any bulb is the yield per watt.
Compare with traditional MH & HPS, EBM grow light produce equilant amont of light at about half watt.
2. Low Heat:
It's important to keep grow room at an ideal temperature. EBM grow light run much cooler than traditional light, because of the low heat output, they are perfect for small space grow tents,closets or grow room
3. Full spectrum:
CMH can provide full spectrum, one bulb can be used for both veg and bloom stage, during a full cycle growing & energy saving 25% than HPS/MH/LED.

Basic Info

Model NO.: EB-GCMH-1000D-BO
Certification: CE, UL, FCC, AAA Certificate, CB
Voltage: 110-240V
Ignition Distance: up to 20 Meters
Efficiency: >91%
Emperature: Ta=40ºC, Tc=70ºC
Input Voltage: 120V/208V/240V
Warranty: 3 Years
Frequency: Low Frequency and Square Wave
Power Factor(PF): >0.99
Total Harmonic Distortion(Thd): <6%
Certificate: UL Listed, UL No. E485515
Trademark: OEM
Specification: Packaging Weight: 3.4Kg
Origin: Fujian, China
HS Code: 8504101000