Indoor hydroponic 1000w de hid grow light with cmh digital ballast LED display

Indoor hydroponic 1000w de hid grow light with cmh digital ballast LED display!

UL certificate number: E485515

What in Grow light Kit?

1x 1000W CMH Dimmable ballast (Model:EB-GCMH-1000D)
1x Double Ended Grow Light Reflector (Model:RF-K630-W)
1x 1000W CMH Bulb (Model:DE-1000W/934)
1x IR remote control (Model:EB-IRC)
1x Heavy Duty Hanger (Model:EB-H150)

Certification Category

Europe: CE certification:


USA &Canada : UL/CUL /CE certification:

ANSI/UL 1029-1994

China: CCC certification:


Protection function

*Open or short circuit protection: Automatic shutdown, troubleshooting on again to resume work
*Hot start protection: Three times over one minute after ignition failed three times, such as the ignition is still unsuccessful ignition 3 times for another five minutes, if still unsuccessful automatic shutdown
*Over-temperature protection: Set limit temperature, lower power protection
*Lightning Protection: L-N:5KV; L-PE:5KV; N-PE:5KV

Environmental noise standards &Burn-in

*Operating temperature: 30℃~+50℃

*Operating humidity: 20~95%RH

*Storage temperature、humidity: -30℃~+70℃,10~95%RH
*Burn-in: The power should Burn-in at least 4 hours under full load condition and ambient temperature of 40℃±5℃

*Life: Under rated ambient temperature of 45 ℃ and 220Vac input conditions, the theoretical life expectancy is above 50,000 hours

Advantage of EBM digital ballast

1. To work with double ended bulb. CMH /HPS / MH all ok.

2. Low frequency, square wave, soft star, protect all of grow light device (Protect ballast, lamp, circute)

3. save energy bill 25% at least

4. High efficiency, promote plant grow faster and better.